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Full-Time 1X2 HDAFU Betting Tables (XLXS)
Valid for the 2023-24 season

Bookmakers lean on data-driven algorithms, not mere gut feelings. Their approach is systematic, not whimsical. It’s time to level the playing field and outsmart them.

HDAFU (Home Draw Away Favourite Underdog) Tables, rooted in five seasons of data, offer a strategic edge in 1X2 betting. These tables dissect historical patterns to highlight value bet clusters, demystifying bookmakers’ odds strategies.

By showcasing profit/loss trajectories and revealing high-potential betting zones, they empower bettors with deep insights. Using the HDAFU tables, you can make well-informed decisions, transforming your betting journey from mere participation to a methodical, winning approach.

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Harnessing five seasons of data, the HDAFU (Home Draw Away Favourite Underdog) Tables are a transformative tool for elevating your betting game and refining your betting strategy. They delve deep into historical trends, spotlight valuable betting clusters, demystify the bookmakers’ odds-making techniques, and decode the subtleties of odds shifts. With these tables, bettors are equipped to make decisions that are both strategic and informed.

For the uninitiated, Soccerwidow’s HDAFU Tables stand as an essential instrument for mastering 1X2 portfolio betting.

Their meticulous design even differentiates between the first and second halves of league seasons, revealing distinct result patterns.

Odds aren’t just numbers; they’re the bookies’ game plan. Everyone can learn to intercept.


Austria Bundesliga

Delving into the heart of bookmaker odds manipulations, these tables shed light on the Austria Bundesliga’s shifting sands, illuminating clusters ripe for sharp wagering.

A deep dive into the ‘Backing the Home Win’ P/L curve: meandering initially until odds of 1.34, then it dives, reflecting a loss of 15,500 units, until odds of 4.4. This nosedive suggests Austrian bettors’ unwavering affinity for home wins.

This predictable behaviour turns into a veritable goldmine for bookies, who tweak the odds slightly in their favour, especially in the 75% to 25% range, locking in their profits.

To align with victory in the Austrian Bundesliga betting arena, consider laying home wins across the season or embrace backing certain draws or away wins. Dive deep into this world with our astute HDAFU Tables and manoeuvre past the bookies’ ruses.

P/L simulation curve from the 1X2 HDAFU Tables: Austria Bundesliga 2018-23 - Backing the home win whole season by odds; for developing a successful betting strategy
P/L simulation curve from the 1X2 HDAFU Tables: Denmark Superligaen 2018-23 - Backing the underdog 1st half by odds P/L simulation curve from the 1X2 HDAFU Tables for Betting Enhancement: Denmark Superligaen 2018-23 - Backing the favourite 1st half by HO-AO
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Denmark Superligaen

These artfully designed tables excel in pinpointing value bet clusters, decoding bookmakers’ tactical odds adjustments, and showcasing the interconnected ripple of odds shifts.

For instance, the Superligaen HDAFU Inflection Point graphs reveal a telling trend: fans predominantly back the underdogs throughout the season, especially noticeable with odds up to 6.1, as the P/L curve takes a steep dive.

Yet, when observing favourites, the curve interestingly descends until odds of 1.45, then climbs to promise profits up to odds of 1.9, before plateauing thereafter.

This nuanced dance reflects the bookies’ acumen in catering to the unique tastes of Danish bettors, capitalising on their willingness to accept lower prices (odds) than the true probabilities would suggest, thereby maximising their own profits.

Curious? Unravel the Superligaen betting enigma with our comprehensive, data-rich HDAFU Tables.


Mexico Liga MX

Our expertly crafted tables shed light on the unique betting preferences of Liga MX enthusiasts, unravelling the league’s captivating blend of emotion and strategy.

A notable trend within the Liga MX’s HDAFU tables is the aversion to backing home favourites. Instead, the P/L curve reveals a marked inclination for higher odds, particularly for the underdog playing at home, resulting in significant profits for bookmakers to the tune of 8,000 units.

Liga MX’s vibrant Latino culture, brimming with passion and risk-taking, becomes palpable in the ‘Backing the Draw’ and ‘Backing the Underdog’ patterns, with discernible shifts between the season’s two halves. Such cultural nuances influence betting habits, and bookies astutely exploit these predictable patterns.

Harness the vibrant ethos of Mexico’s Liga MX and refine your betting strategies with insights from our in-depth HDAFU Tables.

P/L simulation curve from the 1X2 HDAFU Tables: Mexico Liga MX 2018-23 - Backing the underdog - whole season - by odds

P/L simulation curve from the 1X2 HDAFU Betting Table: Poland Extraklasa 2018-23 - Backing the draw 1st half by odds


Poland Ekstraklasa

Designed to uncover profitable value bet clusters, these tables allow you to discern biases in bookmakers’ odds, and grasp the domino effect of altering odds, illuminating the path to lucrative bets.

One standout insight from the Ekstraklasa’s HDAFU Inflection Point graphs is the ‘Backing the Draw’ trend in the first half. The P/L curve remains stagnant until odds of 3.5, then dramatically drops, culminating in a loss of over 8,000 units. This suggests Ekstraklasa enthusiasts shy away from draws at odds under 3.5 in certain home odds ranges.

Bookmakers capitalise on this by adjusting underdog and away team odds, a savvy move influenced by betting volumes and punter preferences. This nuanced play showcases the adage: “Follow the money.”

Dive into the complex dynamics of Poland Ekstraklasa betting with our astute HDAFU Tables, and outsmart the bookies.


Romania Liga 1

HDAFU Tables aid in unearthing profitable bet clusters, discerning the tilt in bookmakers’ odds, and perceiving the impact of adjusting odds, equipping bettors for successful betting.

Expertly crafted, these tables uncover the Romanian penchant for backing draws, especially at odds over 3.18. This trend, however, translates to a massive 17,000 unit loss for punters, much to the bookies’ delight.

The HO AO graphs reveal this is most prevalent when there’s a clear home favourite or the favoured team is away.

Wise punters, take heed: veer away from backing the draw in these clusters, and consider a laying strategy instead.

Navigate Romania’s Liga 1 betting maze with unmatched precision, thanks to our HDAFU Tables.

P/L simulation curve from the 1X2 HDAFU Tables: Romania Liga 1 2018-23 - Backing the draw - whole season - by odds

P/L simulation curve from the 1X2 HDAFU Tables: Russia Premier League 2018-23 - Backing the underdog whole season by odds


Russia Premier League

Precisely engineered to expose odds manipulations, these tables unveil where bookmakers have adjusted odds, setting you on a course for lucrative betting outcomes.

Analysing the HDAFU Inflection Points, a distinct trend surfaces: the ‘Backing the Underdog’ P/L curve consistently hovers around zero. This mirrors the Russian bettors’ disinterest in backing underdogs, offering bookies scant reasons for tweaking these odds.

In response to the Russian penchant for shying away from high odds, bookmakers cleverly manipulate the ‘Backing the Draw’ odds, particularly between 3.0 and 3.9. A staggering loss of over 10,000 units for these draw odds over five years suggests a potential lay strategy treasure trove.

Delve into the nuanced realm of Russia Premier League betting with our sharp HDAFU Tables and outwit the bookies.


Swiss Super League

HDAFU Tables assist in locating valuable bet clusters, deciphering bookmakers’ skewed odds, and apprehending the effects of odds adjustment, providing bettors with a strategic edge.

Examining the Swiss betting landscape reveals an unexpected quirk. Opting for home wins at odds exceeding 1.96 culminate in a heart-wrenching loss of 8,017 units; a silent celebration for the gleeful bookies.

Contrarily, the astute eye might glimpse an opportunity: a rising P/L curve beckons from odds of around 3.75 when backing the draw. It’s unexpected.

The Swiss, often renowned for precision and fiscal wisdom, strangely seem to shy away from draws, giving the bookies the opportunity to utilise the draw odds for balancing the Home and Away reduced odds.

Decipher the Swiss Super League’s enigmatic betting nuances with our illuminating HDAFU Tables.

P/L simulation curve from the 1X2 HDAFU Tables: Swiss Super League 2018-23 - Backing the home win - whole season - by odds P/L simulation curve from the 1X2 HDAFU Tables: Swiss Super League 2018-23 - Backing the draw - whole season - by odds
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P/L simulation curve from the 1X2 HDAFU Tables: Scotland Premiership 2018-23 - Backing the underdog whole season by odds


Scotland Premiership

Crafted with precision, these tables decode the nuances of odds shifts, spotlighting undervalued bet clusters and the consequential effects, steering your wagers towards informed decisions.

A fascinating observation from the Premiership’s HDAFU Inflection Points is the ‘Backing the Underdog’ P/L curve. There’s a noticeable plummet with losses around 4,500 units until odds of 2.94.

It suggests that Scots favour betting on teams with marginally higher odds when matches are evenly poised. Astutely, bookies appear to interchange the odds between these closely-matched teams.

Dive deeper into the Scotland Premiership betting intricacies with our intelligent HDAFU Tables and stay ahead of the bookies.

What’s been highlighted is just an inkling of Soccerwidow’s HDAFU Tables‘ potential. Go beyond to explore myriad layers of insights, distinct betting strategies, and compelling nuances. Each league brims with opportunities to be decoded. With the HDAFU Tables as your compass, navigate, strategize, and prosper.

However, tread this path with the unwavering commitment to responsible betting.


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