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Full-Time 1X2 HDAFU Betting Table (XLXS)

Revolutionise your Scotland Premiership betting strategy with Soccerwidow’s HDAFU Tables.

Crafted with precision, these tables decode the nuances of odds shifts, spotlighting undervalued bet clusters and the consequential effects, steering your wagers towards informed decisions.

A fascinating observation from the Premiership’s HDAFU Inflection Points is the ‘Backing the Underdog’ P/L curve. There’s a noticeable plummet with losses around 4,500 units until odds of 2.94.

It suggests that Scots favour betting on teams with marginally higher odds when matches are evenly poised. Astutely, bookies appear to interchange the odds between these closely-matched teams.

Meanwhile, for home wins priced between odds 1.75 and 2.65, there’s a rising curve, indicating a Scottish scepticism towards these favourites, an insight bookies capitalise on for balancing their books.

Dive deeper into the Scotland Premiership betting intricacies with our intelligent HDAFU Tables and stay ahead of the bookies.

Product Specification

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  • Whole of Season and First and Second Halves of Season Analyses
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  • Separate Inflection Point analyses based on:
    a) HO/AO Quotient (home odds divided by away odds)
    b) Odds (home, draw, away, favourite and underdog)
  • Whole of Season Analysis by Team (including five seasons break down)
  • Stake, Betting Exchange Commission and Odds Toggle features
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Start Date: 05th August, 2023
1st Half Ends: 2nd January, 2024

2nd Half starts: 27th January, 2024
Finish Date: 13th April 2024

HDAFU Tables, a sophisticated betting tool, analyse historical data to reveal value bet clusters, unmask bookmakers’ odds tactics, and illustrate how changes in odds impact outcomes, aiding informed betting decisions.

The mastery of professional betting isn’t in knowing who wins, but in knowing where the profits lie.


Inflection Points Insights

The Scotland Premiership HDAFU Tables (Home Draw Away Favourite Underdog P/L simulations), with their Inflection Point graphs, provide a clear insight into the mechanics of betting.

These charts track the ups and downs of profit and loss, highlighting how bookmakers adjust odds to balance their books.

It’s a straightforward principle: when the odds for one outcome increase, another’s decrease, ensuring the overall probabilities total 100%.

By using this tool, punters can better identify and exploit the under- and over-valued odds clusters that can differ from one league to another.

P/L simulation curve from the 1X2 HDAFU Tables: Scotland Premiership 2018-23 - Backing the underdog whole season by odds


Decoding the Odds Riddle

Bookmaker odds are not merely static figures; they’re dynamic variables continually shaped by market influences.

Bookmakers skilfully tweak these variables to ensure balanced books and safeguard their profits.

The Scotland Premiership HDAFU Tables unravel this complex riddle through their P/L curves, revealing how bookmakers manipulate odds to control betting trends.

When punters decipher this riddle, they gain the ability to spot consistently over- and under-priced odds clusters unique to each league, thereby cracking the code to profitable betting.


Cracking the Code

Within the 1X2 betting realm lies the crucial HO/AO Quotient, which stands for “Home Odds divided by Away Odds”.

This metric is essential for bettors wanting to refine their strategy.

Traditional 1X2 betting offers three outcomes, but the HO/AO Quotient simplifies this, presenting a binary outlook.

Consider Draw odds like 3.75; they can be ambiguous, often tied to either a home or away favourite.

Using the HO/AO Quotient, bettors can interpret P/L curves based on the actual strengths of the teams, providing a clearer and more reliable evaluation of potential outcomes.

P/L simulation curve from the 1X2 HDAFU Tables: Scotland Premiership 2018-23 - Backing the draw whole season by HO-AO

Screenshot from the 1x2 HDAFU P/L Simulation Betting Table: Scotland Premiership - System Picker Tab - whole season - backing the underdog by HO-AO 2018-23 Screenshot from the 1x2 HDAFU P/L Simulation Betting Table: Scotland Premiership - System Picker Tab - whole season - backing the underdog by HO-AO 2018-23 Profit-Loss
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The 2/1 to 6/1 Delusion

The System Picker Tab illustrates a five-year profit/loss simulation using criteria such as bet type, season segment, Analysis Type, and relevant cluster numbers. By examining the past half-decade, it provides insights into profitable and unprofitable betting systems.

In the Scotland Premiership, an apparent ‘chase the losses’ trend is evident, especially when backing underdogs with odds ranging from 2.94 to 7.5. The P/L curve consistently hovers around zero for five years, evident in the accompanying screenshot.

Of the 708 matches fitting this pattern, bookies set average odds of 3.96, eerily close to the zero odds of 3.93. This manipulation leverages the punters’ mentality.

Multiple streaks of consecutive wins are observed, with punters probably treating bets as lottery tickets, hoping for a 2/1 to 6/1 win.

Some may double their stakes after each loss, eventually being unable to sustain the tactic during prolonged losing streaks, such as the observed 14 consecutive losses.

In the end, bookmakers emerge victorious, capitalising on the punters’ habits and ensuring their continued prosperity.


Underdog Allure

The HDAFU Tables showcase intriguing patterns within the Scottish Premiership.

Punters display an undeniable affinity for underdogs. A specific odds cluster (3.0 [2/1] to 7.5 [6.5/1]) notably hovers around zero, hinting at a ‘chase the losses’ approach.

Meanwhile, outer clusters have led to significant punter losses, amassing 16,770 units over five years with a consistent 100-unit stake.

Interestingly, backing the favourites results in a net profit of 2,426 units, though no single team consistently triumphed season after season.

As probabilities must total 100%, an overrated outcome leads to an underrated one. Here’s the evidence.

Furthermore, draw bets, possibly perceived as safety nets or high-return gambles at 3/1 odds, resulted in an 8,930-unit loss over five years.

Scotland is a compelling example where the market permits (or even compels) bookies to adjust the odds.

Scotland Premiership: Celtic vs Rangers match. Two players fighting for having a header. High concentration. Closeup shot.

Our product page provides an initial glimpse at the Scotland Premiership 1X2 betting patterns and where value may be found, but Soccerwidow’s HDAFU Tables offer much more in terms of analytical depth and tailored league insights. Dive deeper to harness their full potential and discover a multitude of strategies.

In this data-driven journey, remember to uphold the tenets of responsible gambling at all times.