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Full-Time 1X2 HDAFU Betting Table (XLXS)

Embark on a fascinating journey into the Swiss Super League’s betting realm with Soccerwidow’s HDAFU Tables.

HDAFU Tables assist in locating valuable bet clusters, deciphering bookmakers’ skewed odds, and apprehending the effects of odds adjustment, providing bettors with a strategic edge.

Examining the Swiss betting landscape reveals an unexpected quirk. Opting for home wins at odds exceeding 1.96 culminate in a heart-wrenching loss of 8,017 units; a silent celebration for the gleeful bookies.

Contrarily, the astute eye might glimpse an opportunity: a rising P/L curve beckons from odds of around 3.75 when backing the draw. It’s unexpected. The Swiss, often renowned for precision and fiscal wisdom, strangely shy away from draws, giving the bookies the opportunity to utilise the draw odds for balancing the Home and Away reduced odds.

For confirmation, the ‘Away Win’ curve remains passive until odds of 3.5, then plummets to over a 10,000-unit abyss. It’s a curious revelation that, amidst the Alpine peaks, the Swiss gambler leans towards higher risks, often going against the grain of their globally acclaimed meticulous nature.

Decipher the Swiss Super League’s enigmatic betting nuances with our illuminating HDAFU Tables.

Product Specification

899 Game Analysis 2018-23, Excel .xlsx, 2.44 MB

  • Whole of Season and First and Second Halves of Season Analyses
    >> Go here to see why separate first-half and second-half season analyses are revealing!
  • Separate Inflection Point analyses based on:
    a) HO/AO Quotient (home odds divided by away odds)
    b) Odds (home, draw, away, favourite and underdog)
  • Whole of Season Analysis by Team (including five seasons break down)
  • Stake, Betting Exchange Commission and Odds Toggle features
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Start Date: 05th August, 2023
1st Half Ends: 16th December, 2023

2nd Half starts: 20th January, 2024
Finish Date: T.B.A.
The league splits into two groups after the 20th January, and until positions are finalized the fixture list going forwards won’t be published.

HDAFU Tables are a betting assistant, utilizing historical data to spot value bet clusters, reveal bookmakers’ odds schemes, and demonstrate the interplay of odds changes, guiding bettors towards profitable selections.

The beauty of Soccerwidow’s 1×2 HDAFU Tables? By understanding odd patterns, you’ll be playing the market, not the game.


Interpreting Inflection Points

Inflection Point graphs, housed in the Swiss Super League HDAFU Tables (Home Draw Away Favourite Underdog P/L simulations), offer an incisive probe into the psyche of bookmaker odds-setting.

They highlight the turning points in profit/loss trends, mirroring bookmakers’ odds manipulation to balance bets.

This process inevitably leads to overrated and underrated outcomes, as the total probabilities must add up to 100%.

Bettors can use this insight to interpret the odds, finding under- and over-priced odds clusters that vary across leagues.

P/L simulation curve from the 1X2 HDAFU Tables: Swiss Super League 2018-23 - Backing the draw - whole season - by odds


The Odds Enigma Unlocked

Bookmaker odds are not just statistical probabilities; they’re strategic decisions shaped by the push and pull of market dynamics.

With an aim to balance their books and secure profit, bookmakers cleverly manipulate odds, often swayed by the winds of public sentiment.

The Swiss Super League HDAFU Tables provide a detailed look at this sophisticated manoeuvring through P/L curves, exposing instances of strategic odds tweaking.

Armed with this knowledge, discerning punters can detect over- and under-priced odds clusters unique to each league, effectively flipping the odds in their favour.


The HO/AO Quotient Explained

Navigate the intricacies of 1X2 betting, and you’ll soon realise the pivotal role of the HO/AO Quotient.

Denoting the division of “Home Odds by Away Odds”, this metric becomes indispensable for bettors.

While 1X2 betting encapsulates three potential outcomes, the HO/AO Quotient reduces this to a clearer binary perspective.

For instance, Draw odds, such as 3.75, can be misleading, as they may be linked to either a home or away favourite.

By deploying the HO/AO Quotient, one can discern P/L curves based on the genuine strengths of competing teams, leading to more accurate P/L curve evaluations.

P/L simulation curve from the 1X2 HDAFU Tables: Switzerland Super League 2018-23 - Backing the draw - whole season - by HO-AO

Screenshot from the 1x2 HDAFU P/L Simulation Betting Table: Switzerland Premier League - System Picker Tab - whole season - backing the draw by HO-AO 2018-23 Screenshot from the 1x2 HDAFU P/L Simulation Betting Table: Swiss Premier League - System Picker Tab - whole season - backing the draw by HO-AO 2018-23 Profit-Loss
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Systemic Insight

The System Picker Tab delves into a five-year betting trajectory, shedding light on profitable and risky back betting systems. Through tailored filters – bet type, season, and post-Inflection Point graph analysis – it enhances decision-making.

Considering Backing the Draw throughout a season, using the HO AO Quotient range of 0.374 to 0.678, we pinpoint matches where the home side is the favourite, with away odds between 3.75 and 4.14.

Opting for this strategy on all 235 matches that fit this criteria over the past five seasons would have yielded a remarkable 10,205 units.

Yet, it’s not without risks: a hit rate of just 37.87% and streaks of up to nine consecutive losses. Meanwhile, a four-match winning streak occurred only four times in this period.

However, to safeguard yourself from the rollercoaster of your own emotions, Soccerwidow recommends using a bot for this pick or sticking to a paper exercise only.


Young Boys’ Paradox

In picturesque Switzerland, those who consistently backed their team to win at home would have accrued a collective deficit of 8,117 units over five years. Only supporters of the Young Boys would have ended up with a profit, precisely 1,189 units.

Over 90 matches involving the Young Boys, each home win backed with 100 units, amounted to total stakes of 9,000 units, securing a profit of 1,189 units at the close (Yield 13.2%).

However, the Young Boys didn’t bring joy to their fans when playing away. In that scenario, die-hard supporters who backed their team would have suffered a loss of 1,563 units.

Continuing with the Young Boys as an example: when they played at home and if one had backed the away team, the losses would have mounted to 6,145 units. An intriguing figure, indeed.

Losses from backing suggest potential gains from laying, don’t they?

The ‘Backing by Team’ tab offers much to explore, and it’s not just about the Young Boys.

Goalkeeper David Von Ballmoos of Young Boys in action: Picture taken from the back. The goalkeeper is jumping in the air with both legs spread wide apart.

The insights presented here are just the tip of the iceberg when considering the Swiss Super League HDAFU Tables‘ capabilities. A closer look reveals a treasure trove of strategies, detailed analyses, and league-specific insights.

As you explore and strategize using Soccerwidow’s HDAFU Tables, upholding responsible gambling practices is paramount.