Mexico Liga MX – HDAFU 1×2 Simulation Tables


Full-Time 1X2 HDAFU Betting Table (XLXS)
Valid for the 2023-24 season

Dive deep into Mexico’s Liga MX betting intricacies with Soccerwidow’s HDAFU Tables.

Our expertly crafted tables shed light on the unique betting preferences of Liga MX enthusiasts, unravelling the league’s captivating blend of emotion and strategy.

A notable trend within the Liga MX’s HDAFU tables is the aversion to backing home favourites. Instead, the P/L curve reveals a marked inclination for higher odds, particularly for the underdog playing at home, resulting in significant profits for bookmakers to the tune of 8,000 units.

Liga MX’s vibrant Latino culture, brimming with passion and risk-taking, becomes palpable in the ‘Backing the Draw’ and ‘Backing the Underdog’ patterns, with discernible shifts between the season’s two halves. Such cultural nuances influence betting habits, and bookies astutely exploit these predictable patterns.

Harness the vibrant ethos of Mexico’s Liga MX and refine your betting strategies with insights from our in-depth HDAFU Tables.

Product Specification

1484 Game Analysis 2018-23, Excel .xlsx, 3.3 MB

  • Whole of Season and First and Second Halves of Season Analyses
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  • Separate Inflection Point analyses based on:
    a) HO/AO Quotient (home odds divided by away odds)
    b) Odds (home, draw, away, favourite and underdog)
  • Whole of Season Analysis by Team (including five seasons break down)
  • Stake, Betting Exchange Commission and Odds Toggle features
Mexico Liga MX Calendar

Start Date: 01st July, 2023
1st Half Ends: 13th November, 2023
2nd Half starts: 6th January, 2024
Finish Date: 1st May, 2024

HDAFU Tables serve as a guide for bettors, using past data to detect value bet clusters, uncover bookmakers’ odds tactics, and demonstrate the impact of odds alterations, leading to informed betting decisions.

When you decode the bookies’ intentions, it’s not the match’s end you see, but the start of your earnings.


Mastering Inflection Points

Inflection Point graphs, available in Mexico’s Liga MX HDAFU Tables (Home Draw Away Favourite Underdog P/L simulations), equip punters with the strategic insight to command the betting battlefield.

They signal the shifts in profit/loss trends, revealing how bookmakers manipulate odds to ensure a balanced book.

As a result, an overrated outcome invariably implies an underrated one, given the total probabilities sum to 100%.

With this crucial insight, bettors can command their betting strategies, identifying under- and over-priced odds clusters distinct to each league.

P/L simulation curve from the 1X2 HDAFU Tables: Mexico Liga MX 2018-23 - Backing the home win - whole season - by odds

P/L simulation curve from the 1X2 HDAFU Tables: Mexico Liga MX 2018-23 - Backing the underdog - whole season - by odds


The Odds Balancing Act

Bookmaker odds are not just abstract figures; they’re strategic tools manipulated in response to market trends and bettor behaviour.

Bookmakers craftily tweak odds to balance their books and guarantee profit.

Soccerwidow’s HDAFU Tables shed light on this delicate dance through P/L curves, revealing how bookmakers adjust odds to influence betting patterns.

Armed with this knowledge, savvy punters can spot over- and under-priced odds clusters unique to each league, transforming these insights into winning bets.


HO/AO Quotient Mastery

The HO/AO Quotient, representing “Home Odds divided by Away Odds”, emerges as an invaluable compass within the complex 1X2 betting terrain.

While this mode of betting traditionally canvasses three potential outcomes, the HO/AO metric simplifies it into a more comprehensible two-dimensional framework.

An odds figure, such as 1.5, in isolation, may denote either home or away team advantages.

However, with the application of the HO/AO quotient, these odds are meticulously dissected, mapping them according to team strengths and offering deeper insight for P/L curve analysis.

Screenshot from the 1x2 HDAFU P/L Simulation Betting Table: Mexico Liga MX - System Picker Tab - whole season - backing home win by HO-AO 2018-23 Screenshot from the 1x2 HDAFU P/L Simulation Betting Table: Mexico Liga MX - System Picker Tab - whole season - backing home win by HO-AO 2018-23 Profit-Loss
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The Odds Game

The System Picker Tab provides a projection of a five-year profit/loss trajectory, shedding light on both profitable and unprofitable back betting systems.

In this instance, we examine the Home Win over a full season, for an HO AO Quotient ranging from 0.7 to 7.0. The corresponding odds for the home team begin at 2.32.

This cluster highlights the consistent reduction in home win odds, possibly because Mexican enthusiasts have a penchant for backing home victories.

To put it simply: bookmakers aim to balance the stakes across outcomes. If the home team does win, the stakes from bets on the draw and away outcomes must not only cover pay-outs but also ensure a margin of profit.

Consequently, if punters show a bias towards higher odds on home wins, bookmakers adjust by slightly diminishing these odds. This, in turn, will prompt a increase in the odds for draws or away wins, or sometimes both.


Betting Trends Uncovered

The HDAFU Tables shed light on fascinating trends in the Mexico Liga MX. With punters favouring higher odds, bookmakers have recalibrated their prices. This has led to a significant loss of 15,621 units for bettors championing underdogs over five years.

Yet, anomalies do arise. Consider Atlas when playing at home: opting for the underdog in their clashes yielded a striking profit of 3,311 units.

Similarly, another unnamed team, on their away games, gifted underdog backers a substantial 4,709 units.

Contrastingly, betting on favourites paints a more muted picture, accumulating just 233 units profit with no standout performers.

And, the ‘Backing by Team’ section unveils certain teams where draw bets have consistently paid dividends, meriting deeper investigation.

Mexico Liga MX Football - action of two players colliding; one player is laying on the ground, the other is jumping over him.

Our highlighted insights offer a basic comprehension, yet the HDAFU Tables‘ full spectrum awaits exploration. Go beyond these initial observations to uncover a plethora of strategies, subtleties, and league-centric revelations.

Soccerwidow’s HDAFU Tables serve as your gateway to enlightened betting. However, while navigating this intricate terrain, always remember the principles of responsible gambling.