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Full-Time 1X2 HDAFU Betting Tables (XLXS)
Valid for the 2023-24 season

Bookmakers rely on algorithms, not intuition – their strategy is methodical, not erratic. Turn the tables and beat them at their own game.

Our HDAFU 1X2 P/L Simulation Tables let you delve into home, draw, and away betting results, exploring five seasons’ worth of data in the most critical match scenarios.

These tables reveal profit/loss curves and indicate high potential clusters, allowing you to identify value opportunities and tackle odds with astute precision. Don’t just bet—strategize with a tool designed for clarity and victory.

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HDAFU (Home Draw Away Favourite Underdog) Tables, built on five seasons of data, facilitate smarter betting and pave the path to betting mastery. By deeply analysing historical patterns, pinpointing value bet clusters, shedding light on bookmakers’ odds strategies, and capturing the nuances of odds fluctuations, they empower bettors to make well-informed, strategic choices.

If you are not already aware, Soccerwidow’s HDAFU Tables are an analytical tool to be used for 1X2 portfolio betting.

The level of detail contained in the tables even stretches to distinguishing between the first and second halves of a league season, where markedly different patterns of results are usually found.

Odds are the bookmaker’s script. Learn to read between the lines and rewrite the ending in your favour.


Belgium Jupiler League

Meticulously crafted, these tables elevate your journey to betting mastery by delving deep into odds subtleties, and spotlighting potent bet clusters.

A fascinating observation within the Jupiler’s HDAFU tables is the contrasting ‘Backing the Home Win’ P/L curves between the two halves of the league.

While the first half observes bookies subtly adjusting odds, offering punters an avenue to recoup losses, the second half presents a stark plunge post odds of 2.4, echoing losses nearing 8,000 units.

This intriguing duality underscores Belgian supporters’ evolving faith in home advantages, a perception bookies adeptly capitalise on by adapting their odds strategies.

Embark on a nuanced Belgium Jupiler betting experience, armed with insights from our meticulously crafted HDAFU Tables.

P/L simulation curve from the 1X2 HDAFU Tables: Belgium Jupiler Pro League 2018-23 - Backing the home win 1st half by odds P/L simulation curve from the 1X2 HDAFU Tables: Belgium Jupiler Pro League 2018-23 - Backing the home win 2nd half by odds
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Inflection Point graph from the 1x2 HDAFU Simulation Table showing: P/L/ curve when backing the Underdog in the second halt for the last five years (2018 to 2023)


English Premier League

The HDAFU Tables, key to betting mastery, decode valuable betting patterns in historical data while unmasking bookmakers’ bias towards profit. They highlight the domino effect one odd’s alteration has on others, aiding in locating prosperous betting avenues.

The EPL’s thrilling matches, along with high liquidity on Betfair, assure bettors of unprecedented consistency in their system betting.

Significant in the EPL is the home advantage, influencing Home Draw Away betting. Our astutely crafted HDAFU tables reveal gainful sectors, taking into account home advantage, team form (HO/AO Quotient), and crowd sentiment.

Venture into the invigorating realm of EPL betting with HDAFU tables, fortified with accuracy and profound insights.


France Ligue 1

These tables, designed for betting mastery, uncover value bet clusters, spotlight bookmakers’ biases, and showcase odds correlations, leading you straight to betting goldmines.

France Ligue 1’s HDAFU tables reveal a strong home bias, with draw clusters occasionally hiding value. Notably, the away curve centres around zero, neither favouring favourites nor underdogs.

In this tight market, laying rather than backing systems often holds value. With high Betfair liquidity, the HDAFU tables become indispensable in navigating France Ligue 1’s volatile betting landscape.

Take a plunge into the thrilling world of France Ligue 1 betting with our meticulously crafted HDAFU tables, fortified with precision and rich insights.

P/L simulation curve: France 1 2018-23 - Backing Home Win

P/L simulation curve: Bundesliga 1 Back favourite whole season by odds 2018-23


German Bundesliga

These tables are skilled at identifying lucrative bet clusters and deciphering odds discrepancies, highlighting the ripple effects of odds alterations.

For example, the Bundesliga HDAFU tables hint at a reluctance to back home favourites up to odds of 1.78, with the profit/loss curve persistently hovering around zero, indicating that neither back nor lay bets hold value.

However, from that point until odds reach 3.16, the curve nosedives, mirroring bettors’ tendency for higher odds and subsequent profit avenues for bookmakers.

Away underdogs, beginning at odds around 3.96, provide another opportunity for bookies to shave odds, resulting in a staggering 12,000-unit loss for bettors.

With high Betfair liquidity in the vibrant Bundesliga betting landscape, HDAFU Tables become essential.

Harness the bookie’s betting mastery mindset and elevate your Bundesliga betting strategies with our precise, insight-filled HDAFU Tables.


Italy Serie A

These tables unmask the shifting currents of value bets, unravel bookmakers’ biases, and elucidate the ripple effect in odds adjustments, thereby spotlighting potential betting treasures.

Serie A’s HDAFU tables expose a distinct home bias, with potential value hidden in Draw clusters.

Interestingly, the Away curve meanders around zero, indifferent to favourites or underdogs. In this unpredictable market, employing laying strategies can offer substantial value.

With robust liquidity on Betfair, HDAFU tables are your key to betting mastery, steering through Serie A’s dynamic betting currents.

Dive into the exhilarating arena of Italy Serie A betting with our painstakingly crafted HDAFU tables, brimming with precision and profound insights.

P/L simulation graph: Italy Serie A 2018-23 - Backing the away win - second half - by HA AO Quotient

P/L simulation curve: Netherlands Eredivisie 2018-23 - Backing the home win 1st half by odds


Netherland Eredivisie

These meticulously crafted tables are adept at spotting value bet clusters, unveiling odds manipulations, and revealing the cascading impact of odds changes.

For instance, in the Eredivisie, HDAFU tables depict a pattern in the first half of the season where fans tend to avoid backing the obvious home favourites up to odds of 1.81, as evidenced by a P/L curve meandering near zero.

Contrastingly, as odds start from 1.91 in the second half, the curve takes an upward trajectory, suggesting a notable shift in supporters’ betting choices away from home wins.

This is further accentuated by the away win odds adjustments, especially in the latter part of the season, illustrating bookmakers’ mastery in balancing their odds.

Intrigued? Achieve betting mastery and delve deep into the Eredivisie betting matrix with our detailed, insight-laden HDAFU Tables.


Portugal Primeira

Harness betting mastery with these tables that detail skewed odds, reveal ripple effects, and uncover bet clusters, all tailored for informed wagering decisions.

A striking trend within the Primeira’s HDAFU tables is the ‘Backing the Draw P/L Curve’. The curve intriguingly meanders around zero up to odds of 3.7 for the entire season, but then plummets, reflecting losses surpassing 21,000 units.

This dramatic shift is evident in the split between the season’s two halves. In the initial half, there’s an inclination to neglect the draw, particularly for odds below 3.7.

However, the second half sees punters misjudging the draw’s likelihood, a public perception bookies exploit by shaving odds.

Harness this intricate knowledge and transcend conventional Portugal Primeira betting insights with our precision-engineered HDAFU Tables.

P/L simulation curve from the HDAFU Table: Portugal Primeira Liga 2018-23 - Backing the draw 1st half by odds; your road to betting mastery
P/L simulation curve: Spain La Liga 2018-23 - Backing the Favourite - whole season - favourite odds


Spain La Liga

These tables guide punters through a landscape of varying odds, unveiling how bookmakers manipulate these odds and the consequent domino effect.

Significantly, La Liga exhibits a trend for backing home wins at odds above 2.7 and favouring away underdogs. This often leads to hefty losses over time, as bookmakers adjust odds in their favour.

Conversely, they leave favourites at fair odds, resulting in home and away profits at lower odds meandering around zero. The equilibrium in the betting quotation in La Liga lies with the draw, evidenced by a rising P/L curve.

This distinct balance, twinned with La Liga’s high Betfair liquidity, paves the way for strategic and profitable betting ventures and betting mastery.

Venture into the Spanish football betting scene, armed with insights from HDAFU Tables.


Turkey Süper Lig

Masterfully designed, the HDAFU Tables spotlight clusters of value bets, unravel the subtleties behind bookmakers’ odds, and map out the complex dance of odds dynamics.

A striking revelation from these tables is the Turkish fans’ evident penchant for Away Wins. The P/L curve’s pronounced dip, reflecting a sobering loss of over 15,000 units, is testimony to this. Such daring inclinations are pure gold for bookmakers, who deftly recalibrate odds in their favour.

The ‘Backing the Underdog’ narrative sings a similar tune. With a stark descent post odds of 3.05, it uncovers the tantalising allure of a monumental win, juxtaposed with the bookies’ shrewdness in capitalising on this heightened risk appetite.

In essence, Süper Lig aficionados display a bold streak, irresistibly drawn to lofty odds. It paints the portrait of a nation unafraid of high-stakes gambles.

For the astute punter, a strategy emerges: perhaps laying these high odds in the league might just be the canny move.

P/L simulation curve from the 1X2 HDAFU Tables: Turkey Süper Lig 2018-23 - Backing the underdog - whole season - by odds

We’ve illuminated only a fraction of what Soccerwidow’s HDAFU Tables have to offer. Beyond the examples lies a treasure trove of insights, fine-tuned strategies, and enlightening nuances tailored to every league’s quirks. These tables empower you to unearth, strategize, and capitalise.

However, with great power comes the necessity for restraint. In your pursuit of betting mastery, always prioritise responsible and discerning choices.


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