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Home ~ Draw ~ Away ~ Favourites ~ Underdogs

Analyse the dynamics behind 1X2 odds with Soccerwidow’s HDAFU Tables.

These Profit/Loss simulation tables offer unparalleled insights into the complexities of Home, Draw, Away outcomes.

Beyond Predictions: Gain a Deeper Understanding of the 1X2 Market Dynamics. Discover the art and science behind odds setting and how it influences betting outcomes.

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Informed Decision-Making

Unlock the Mechanics of 1X2 Football Analysis

Dive into the world of 1X2 football analysis with Soccerwidow’s HDAFU Tables.

Crafted to illuminate how market pressures affect the HDA (home-draw-away) odds, these tables serve as an insightful tool for enthusiasts keen to grasp the dynamics behind football match odds.

Our tables simulate profits and losses, highlighting the interplay of market forces in determining odds for each region.

Let the HDAFU Tables help you unravel the bookmaker’s mindset, revolutionising your perspective of the 1X2 football market.

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Decode Bookies' Strategies

The HDAFU tables provide more than just numbers; they decode the methodologies behind odds setting, revealing moments when bookmakers might overcompensate to sway public perception.

By grasping these patterns, users can discern genuine value and identify anomalies.

The HDAFU Tables provide users with a comprehensive understanding of the odds-setting process.

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Invaluable Information

The HDAFU tables are a treasure trove of data, aggregating five seasons of statistics and odds to highlight potential profit zones.

Their Inflection Point Graphs uniquely simplify the process of pinpointing lossmaking as well as profitable bet clusters across any league’s 1X2 odds spectrum.

By understanding the nuances of odds setting, users can make decisions rooted in historical performance and data-driven rationale.

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Diversified Approach

Dive into Soccerwidow’s HDAFU Tables to explore a vast array of league combinations.

With our comprehensive data sets spanning different football cultures, you’re not confined to a singular perspective. Understand the nuances of each league, drawing insights from global football trends.

The HDAFU Tables empower you to synthesise information from varied sources, broadening your analytical horizons.

What are HDAFU Tables?

HDAFU stands for: Home ~ Draw ~ Away ~ Favourite ~ Underdog

The HDAFU Tables are Excel spreadsheets crafted to visualise profit and loss for 1X2 bets. They address a pivotal question: What would the outcome have been if one had consistently backed the same result with a flat stake over the past five years?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the simulated Profit/Loss curves vary significantly between leagues.

Due to market dynamics, wherein bookmakers adjust odds in response to shifting demand, and influenced by punters’ tendencies (shaped by risk aversion and personal biases), distinctive patterns emerge in each league.

For instance, the EPL demonstrates a tendency towards favouring the favourites. As a result, bookmakers often reduce odds in this direction, potentially rendering bets on underdogs more attractive. Conversely, in France’s Ligue 1, it’s the exact opposite: consistently backing the underdog tends to result in losses. The widely acknowledged strategy, ‘Lay the Draw’, can prove profitable in one league and might lead to losses in another.

The Profit/Loss graphs provide keen observers with profound insights, unveiling a perspective on betting dynamics that’s entirely unprecedented.


Punters' Perspectives: Voices from Our Customers

Comprehensive Analysis

Profitable Betting: More Than Just Luck!

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Create Your Own Analysis System & Enhance Its Effectiveness!

For ideas about the potential of these tables and hard evidence of compiling successful portfolios take a look at the Summer League and Winter League campaign examples.

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Robust Method for Constructing Informed Betting Analyses

Odds setting is a blend of art and science; our six steps user guide will probably change the way you think about betting.

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Unveiling Nuances for a Better Analytical Edge

No other site on the Net gives away the systems or formulas behind successful betting, but Soccerwidow helps you build your own.

Odds Setting Unveiled

The Science Behind the Numbers

Visualizing HDAFU Inflection Points; revealing the secrets of odds setting.

What are Inflection Points?

Turning points where profits shift to losses and losses to profits.

Inflection points refer to the junctures where the curvature or concavity of a graph transitions from positive to negative or vice versa. In layman’s terms, these are the turning points on a profit/loss graph where profit zones begin and end.

Certain odds clusters, situated between the two turning points, are where bookmakers frequently adjust their prices to ensure profitability, often reacting to high demand for bets. To align with punters’ expectations and the inherent statistical probabilities of the event, bookmakers inevitably adjust their odds on one side to maintain financial equilibrium.

If performance is consistent across all seasons, it becomes a prime candidate for inclusion in a betting portfolio for the subsequent season. Often, there may be several promising systems within a single league to consider.

For further reading on this subject, please check out our introductory article: What are Inflection Points and their Use in System Betting.

Mastering inflection points provides bettors with a unique edge.

A Word of Caution

Navigating Betting: Soccerwidow’s Advice

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Every day, we encounter various risks – from simple acts like crossing the street to more complex decisions. We usually handle them calmly and in our best interest.

However, when it comes to financial risks (specifically in betting), people tend to be notably more irrational.

Always contemplate the wider implications of your choices, particularly on those dear to you.

Give Yourself the Edge

Turn Your Analysis into Real Insights!

Visualizing HDAFU Inflection Points; revealing the secrets of odds setting.

Craft and integrate a diverse portfolio of various 1X2 bet types across a multitude of different leagues…

…enabling methodical betting with the assurance that over time, you’ll yield a sustainable profit!

Strategic Insights: Unlocking the Secrets of 1X2 Odds Setting & Analysis

£20k in 214 days
In-depth Analysis of the HDAFU Tables

The 2016-17 Winter League Campaign analyses 18 top-flight leagues, detailing risk assessment and league performance outcomes.

The report underscores the significance of strategic staking and efficient money management in betting. Concluding with advice on utilising up-to-date data for informed decisions.

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Betting during COVID
Understanding Market Changes

From July to August 2020, our HDAFU Tables trial dissected four Nordic leagues to understand COVID-19’s influence on football outcomes.

Notable trends emerged, especially in Iceland and Sweden. The findings emphasise the importance of ongoing observation in a dynamic betting landscape.

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Flat Stakes & Ratcheting
Optimal Strategies for Every Punter

Using the 2017-18 Winter Leagues HDAFU Campaign, Soccerwidow delves deep into the mechanics of wagering. How much to bet, when, and why?

With a strong focus on mathematical methodologies and proven strategies, this article sheds light on effective staking, guiding bettors towards more informed decisions and greater profitability.

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